i came as a rat

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caitlin | 20 | providence
heavily pregnant with layla nova
my face



poo on ur face ss2015

sneeze in the milo tin s/s15

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If you call me on a blocked number 10 out of 10 times i will not answer

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Just girly things: wondering how much of your pubic hair you should get rid of

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Where did my sweet baby go??? I want he back.

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pros of lactating
-being able to rub breastmilk on your lips in bed instead of getting up for chapstick

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You don’t tell a child to “shut the fuck up, yo, I’m on the phone” when they’re crying because you yell at them.

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I live in a city of shit.

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Also the pipes for my bathroom sink are now leaking. So i also need to call my bum ass landlord & tell her. If the repair is like the rest of the repairs on this place she’ll find some dude off craigslist to fix it with scotch tape. Get me the fuck out of this city.

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